"Joe Frazier: When the Smoke Clears" Hulu Premier

 "He got as much out of himself as there was to give - and maybe more.  And that's as much as you can ask of any man, including yourself." - Larry Merchant

Over four years in the making, "Joe Frazier: When the Smoke Clears" tells the remarkable story of Joe Frazier's life and career and the sad demise of his Philadelphia gym.  It receives its US media premier on Hulu and will be available to view from Feb 1st 2012.  The film will be free to view throughout February.

Narrated by Joe's son, Marvis, the film has quite a story behind it. With unprecedented access to Joe's life during his last years, the doc reveals the human side to the legendary fighter and shines a light on a unique icon.

Joe was due to attend the film's festival premiere at New York's DocNYC in November but in a sad and strange coincidence it turned out that the premiere took place on the day that Joe passed away.

Before it was known he had cancer, Joe was able to see the film at a New York preview screening in May 2011.  He said:

"It really lets people see a true picture of what I am about and where I am coming from."

Marvis has called the film, "touching and beautiful".  Joe's manager, Les Wolff has described the film as: "An extremely important and timely contribution to help people understand who Joe Frazier was as a human being.  Joe loved the fiml and wanted people to see it."

Director Mike Todd said:

"We never appreciated, while filming, how important our film would turn out to be in terms of preserving Joe's legacy.  

We had a lot of conversations with a lot of broadcasters about where the best home for the film was.  Ultimately, we felt that Hulu was the right place, where people could see the film in its most honest form.  The fact they are making it their first 'Documentary of the Month' and are promiting for Black History Month, we felt was very much in tune with the story we tried to tell."

The film has also been supported by the World Boxing Council.

Watch: "Joe Frazier: When the Smoke Clears" on hulu.com
Free throughout February - US only


The film is due to be released internationally this summer.  For regular news and updates, visit: facebook.com/JoeFrazierFilm